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Thomson Medals, 2009

Thomson Gold Medals were awarded to Catherine E. Costello, Catherine C. Fenselau and Peter Roepstorff for their 'outstanding achievements in and distinguished service to international mass spectrometry' at the 18th International Mass Spectrometry Conference, held in Bremen, Germany, from 30th August to 4th September, 2009.

The Thomson Medal is named after Sir J. J. Thomson, who more than 100 years ago, was responsible for the first mass spectrograph, a parabola instrument that used magnetic and electrostatic deflection and which foreshadowed many features of modern instruments.

We wish to acknowledge and thank all those who contributed to the award process, either by the submission of nominations or by the casting of votes. Congratulations are also extended to the three winners. As shown by the brief summaries below, they are all extremely worthy recipients of such a prestigious honor as the Thomson Medal.

Professor Catherine Costello, currently at Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, was recognized for her considerable contributions to glycobiology and work on the roles of glycans in development, infection and disease, protein-based disorders and cardiovascular disease.

Professor Catherine Fenselau, currently at the University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, USA, was recognized for pioneering and promoting the applications of mass spectrometry in biomedical research, including the rapid characterization of microorganisms and O-18 labelling in quantitative proteomics.

Professor Peter Roepstorff, currently at the University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark, was recognized for pioneering the application of mass spectrometry to the structural characterization and identification of biopolymers, in particular for the study of proteins.

The Thomson Medal was first awarded in 1985 and is sponsored by the International Mass Spectrometry Foundation. Previous winners are:

2006: J. H. Bowie, M. L. Gross and M. Karas
2003: R. B. Caprioli, F. Hillenkamp and V. L. Talrose
2000: J. B. Fenn, D. F. Hunt and A. G. Marshall
1997: M. T. Bowers, D. E. Games and J. F. J. Todd
1994: C. Brunnée, C. Djerassi and H. Schwarz
1991: K. Biemann, H. Matsuda and N. M. M. Nibbering
1985: J. H. Beynon, R. G. Cooks, K. R. Jennings, F. W. McLafferty and A. O. C. Nier


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