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20th IMSC, 2014
The 20th IMSC proved to be an outstanding success with great science, excellent presentations and quality networking. Two new Thomson medals were awarded tp Prof. Carol V. Robinson and Prof. Renato Zenobi.

The Congress also saw a change in Executive Board membership, with Prof. Marcos Eberlin's term of office as President finishing and being succeeded by Prof. Catherine Costello. Further changes of the Executive Board can see seen at the Committee page of the website.


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Please direct questions and comments to the President of the IMSF, Prof Catherine Costello. If you have any technical problems with this site please contact the webmaster.



IMSC21, 2016
The Canadian MS Society for Mass Spectrometry will host the 21st IMSC in Toronto 2016.

IMSC22, 2018
The Italian Affiliate bid to host the 22nd ISMC in 2018 was successful. We look forward to this meeting in the beautiful city of Florence.

Job Vacancies
Links to job vacancies advertised by affiliated mass spectrometry societies:

American Society for Mass Spectrometry

British Mass Spectrometry Society

Canadian Society for Mass Spectrometry

Dutch Society for Mass Spectrometry

French Society for Mass Spectrometry

Swiss Group for Mass Spectrometry

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