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Upcoming event: The Virtual MSIS OurCon MS Imaging seminars 2020 (hosted by BMSS and MSIS) will be held starting on the 23rd of September, 2020 at 16:00 BST (GMT+1). All events will be enabled with Zoom and will typically last for 60 minutes, featuring two 25 minute ECR presentation with on-line Q&A. Participation is open to all and registration for the event is free. For more information on the registration and abstract submission, please click HERE or on the banners below.


Past event: 8th International Singapore Lipid Symposium (iSLS8 - Webinar based). Lipidomic translation and capture.  06:00 (SST) 17 March - 22:00 (SST) 20 March, 2020. Please see iSLS8 program here. For more details please follow the poster link.


Past event: 41st BMSS Annual Meeting @ Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom (8-10th September, 2020)

Please see the linked banner below or CLICK HERE for more information.


Past event: 8th Symposium of the Mexican Proteomics Society; 3rd PanAmerican-Human Proteome Organisation (Pan-HUPO) meeting; 2nd Ibero-American Symposium on Mass Spectrometry @ Acapulco, Mexico (20-23 October, 2019)

Please see the linked flyer below or CLICK HERE for more information.


Past event: Irish Mass Spectrometry Society Annual Conference @ Dublin, Ireland (16th May 2019). Click image for more information.


Past event: 17th Nordic Mass Spectrometry Conference   @ Espoo, Finland (26th - 28th Aug. 2019). Click image for more information.


Past event: British Mass Spectrometry Society 40th Annual Meeting @ Manchester, England (3rd - 5th Sep. 2019). Click image for more information.


Past Affiliate Meetings


Past Event: The annual meeting of the Israeli Society for MS joint with Danish Society for MS @ February 24-25, 2019


Past Event: 7th BrMASS 2018 @  RIO DE JANEIRO, 8 -12 DECEMBER