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FOCUS Groups

The idea of making the IMSF community more interactive for members began in 2016 when IMSF decided to set up Focus Groups.

We hope that the Mass Spec experience held by the scientific community will assist those who find themselves working for the first time with mass spectrometers and those who enter new fields of application.

Fruitful discussions of young researchers with experts will

The Focus Groups will have dedicated sessions during IMSC and workshops will be arranged on several occasions. If you would like any more information or have any suggestions then feel free to contact us.

IMSF Focus Groups Coordinator

IMSF Focus Groups


Some Focus Groups are based on COST activities:
BMBS COST Action BM1403: Native Mass Spectrometry and Related Methods for Structural Biology
CA COST Action CA16101: MULTI-modal Imaging of FOREnsic SciEnce Evidence - tools for Forensic Science

You want to participate? Get in contact with the Focus Group Coordinator, Focus Group Heads or directly with us: Contact