IMSC Past Conferences

The International Mass Spectrometry Conference (IMSC) was held once every three years from 1958-2012, but is now held every two years.

Conference Year Location Country Affiliate Conference Chair(s) IMSF President
25th 2024 Melbourne Australia ANZSMS G. Reid R. Heeren (The Netherlands)
24th 2022 Maastricht The Netherlands NVMS A. Heck, R. Heeren, M. Wuhrer G. John Langley (UK)
23rd – cancelled 2020 Rio de Janeiro Brazil BrMASS M. E. Eberlin G. John Langley (UK)
22nd 2018 Florence Italy DSM G. Giorgi Cathy Costello (USA)
21st 2016 Toronto Canada CSMS P. Mayer Cathy Costello (USA)
20th 2014 Geneva Switzerland SGMS R. Zenobi Marcos Eberlin (Brazil)
19th 2012 Kyoto Japan MSSJ Y.Wada Marcos Eberlin (Brazil)
18th 2009 Bremen Germany DGMS J. Grotemeyer John Traeger (Australia)
17th 2006 Prague Czech Republic   Z. Herman John Monaghan (UK)
16th 2003 Edinburgh UK BMSS J. J. Monaghan Nico Nibbering (The Netherlands)
15th 2000 Barcelona Spain SEEM E. Gelpi R. Graham Cooks (USA)
14th 1997 Tampere Finland FMSS H. Aldercreutz, A. Hesso  
13th 1994 Budapest Hungary HSMS I. Cornides  
12th 1991 Amsterdam The Netherlands NVMS N. M. M. Nibbering  
11th 1988 Bordeaux France SFSM Y. Hoppilliard  
10th 1985 Swansea UK BMSS J. H. Beynon  
9th 1982 Vienna Austria   J. F. K. Huber  
8th 1979 Oslo Norway NSMS O. H. J. Christie  
7th 1976 Florence Italy DSM S. Facchetti  
6th 1973 Edinburgh UK BMSS A. Quayle  
5th 1970 Brussels Belgium BSMS P. Goldfinger, J. Kistemaker  
4th 1967 Berlin Germany DGMS H. D. Beckey, A. Quayle, N. M. Rosenstock, E. Roth  
3rd 1964 Paris France SFSM R. R. Gordon, E. Roth, V. H. Dibeler, P. Laurent  
2nd 1961 Oxford UK BMSS R. R. Gordon  
1st 1958 London UK BMSS R. R. Gordon